Mark Cicchetti

Web Developer for projects large and small

A truly inspired website is only possible when a developer embraces the goals, values and objectives of their client. I am a highly experienced and inspired developer, who will listen to you carefully and embrace and execute your vision..

  • Web development from Start to Finish
  • Basic sites to advanced web applications using the best practices and latest technologies
  • interactive content rich with video, graphics and animation for a unique, engaging, and effective web presence
  • Professional quality graphics, layout, design and animation by an experienced programmer who delivers highly useful and visually compelling websites
  • eCommerce, Blogs, photo-gallerys, calendars, contact forms... if you can think of it, I can deliver it.
  • Responsive sites, mobile applications, eCommerce and more. Check out my .

The last developer you'll need

Mark Cicchetti is by far the best programmer I have worked with – and I’ve worked with many.  He built our website, and continues to make improvements as needed.  The ONNO website might look simple, but don’t be fooled. There is a ton of complex programming that allows us to operate our retail and wholesale business. Mark built a ‘back end administration system’ that allows us to manage live inventory, approve new wholesalers, place purchase orders with our partner factories, send automated email to our customers, and much more.  Mark is extremely competent in a technical sense.  If you can imagine it, Mark can build it.  But equally important are Mark’s people skills.  Mark can ‘talk technical’ with me and I actually understand him - which is pretty amazing.  I can’t recommend Mark highly enough.

Jack Kanefield, CEO
ONNO T-shirt Company
Boulder, Colorado USA

Yup.  That's me.Web design is absolutely riddled with technologies suited for very particular purposes, most with cryptic acronyms like XML and CSS and AJAX.

I have been developing web sites since 1996 and have seen the advent of many of these technologies. I make it my business to stay up to date on best practices, latest technologies and proven strategies for cross-browser compatibility. Best of all, I'll explain your options in terms that will allow you to make informed decisions and take control of your web presence.

This makes me a full service web developer. I have the skills to take your ideas and make them come alive in contemporary style.

There are many in my field that dabble in as many programming languages as they can to fill their resumes. I've gone a different route.

I've concentrated my efforts into PHP and mySQL on the server and HTML(5), CSS(3), jQuery and Bootstrap on the client side. Of course, AJAX is a must for auto-updating, dynamic pages and SPAs (Single Page Applications). I've kept abreast of new technologies though, in case I inherit them in a project.

These are the exact technologies that form the basis of the most popular CMS, Wordpress (which I've been working with since version 2). I have experience creating custom Wordpress themes and plugins as well as modifying existing plugins to perform in a way unique to your site..

I also work with other technologies built with these basic tools like PDG Commerce customizations, Woocommerce, the PHP framework CodeIgniter, web services (REST and SOAP) like Shoutpoint, Twilio, Zencoder and Amazon's MWS.

Bottom line, I'm a web professional with all the skills necessary to transform your great idea into an awesome web app.